1. How can I order a product from your site?

By adding the product to the cart, adding a delivery address and an acceptable payment method, then confirming the order.


2. How long does the order take to be shipped to the customer?

Orders usually take from 2 to 7 working days to reach the customer, depending on the region.


3. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept: Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Mada, Stcpay, Bank Transfer 


4. How can I track my orders?

When the order is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail containing the order number and a link to track the shipment. You can also track your orders by order number only from the orders page in your account on the site.


5. Can I modify my order after it is confirmed?

You can modify your order by contacting customer service via e-mail help@advancedsco.com


6. Can I change the address after confirming the order?

If the order has not yet been delivered to the shipping company, the customer can change the address by contacting customer service via e-mail help@advancedsco.com 

If the order is delivered to the shipping company, you can change the delivery address when the shipping representative contacts you and informs him of the new address


7. Can I cancel my order after confirming it?

In the event that the product is not delivered to the shipping company, this can be canceled by contacting customer service via e-mail help@advancedsco.com 

In case that the product is delivered to the shipping representative, you can refuse to receive the product, explaining the reasons to the shipping representative and the store management via E-mail help@advancedsco.com 


8. Why was my order canceled?

Once the order is delivered to the shipping representative, he contacts the customer 3 times to try to communicate with him and confirm shipping address address. In case of no response, the shipment will be returned to the site.


9. I have ordered an order from the store and have already received it. Can I return it?

You can return orders within 30 days of receipt, but the products must be in their original condition and unopened.


10. How can I return an order?

By contacting customer service via e-mail help@advancedsco.com and stating the reasons for returning the product

The request is considered by the site management, and in the event that the return is approved, the site will send a return shipping label and tell you how and when to send the products, and the site management will check the product and make sure that it is in its original condition and not opened before accepting the request

After that, the money will be refunded to the same payment method that was used to purchase from the site, and this may take about 7 working days


11. Are all products returnable?

Most products are subject to return with the exception of cutting tools, abrasives, lasers, machinery, safety equipment (including masks), gas tools, gas products, lubricants, fluids, specially ordered products, and specially ordered spare parts that are final sale. .


12. I received a product and upon examining it, I found that there are defects or damage to it, what should I do?

Immediately contact customer service via e-mail help@advancedsco.com  and submit a return request and mention the reasons for the store management to begin considering the request for return or replacement of the product.


13. After receiving an order from your store, I wanted to exchange it. Is that possible?

This can be done by contacting customer service via e-mail help@advancedsco.com  and creating a request to return the product. If the request is accepted, the money will be refunded to you to make a separate purchase of the new product.


14. I bought a product that has a discount, can it be returned?

We apologize for returning products that were purchased at the time of the discount or those that were obtained from gift and reward points


15. Do I get full payment after canceling the order?

If the return of the products is due to product damage, manufacturing defects, or wrong product delivery, then the customer is exempted from paying any shipping or bank transfer fees.

If the return is because the customer has changed his mind, he will only bear the shipping fees and bank transfer fees of 29 S.R


16. The return of the product has been accepted, so how can I get my money back?

After accepting the return of the request by the site administration, the money is returned to the same payment method that was used for the purchase, and this may take several working days for the money to appear in your account.


17. How much are shipping and delivery costs?

Shipping costs vary according to the region and according to the products ordered, and details of shipping and delivery costs appear on the checkout page. Advanced Solutions website provides free delivery for orders over 299 S.R


18. How can I be aware of your offers and discounts?

By subscribing to the website's newsletter to get the best discounts and offers, you can also follow the store's pages on social media sites.


19. I wanted to buy a product, but it was out of stock. What should I do?

By subscribing to the Notify Me When Available service, you will receive an automatic message to your e-mail when the product is available.


20. Do you provide product maintenance service?

At the moment, we only sell products, and we do not have maintenance services


21. Do you offer a guarantee on the products that are purchased from your site?

The guarantee of product and the quality of workmanship provided by the guarantor company, which is the manufacturer or its agent in the Kingdom. All electronic devices at Advanced Solutions for tools are guaranteed for at least two years, with the exception of accessories and accessories (such as batteries).


22. Does the Advanced Solutions website provide shipping and delivery to all regions and cities of Saudi Arabia?

Yes, we are fully prepared to deliver products to all our customers in all regions and cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


23. Do you offer international shipping?

We don't offer International shipping at the moment but we are working hard to  introduce the Service soon


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