Rapidly advancing in the province of industrial, personal, and home tools manufacturing, Advanced Solutions Tools is a leading retailer of top brands’ tools to surpass the futuristic accomplishment of its customers. With over 20 years of a passionate career in high-quality tools, the brand aspires to reach a global network where the possession of premium tools is a matter of few clicks. 

It is our mission to exercise the latest technology, vision to being the most reliable provider of top-notch equipment, and values of outstanding customer services that foster us to be better with each item sold. We hope our experience and love will pan out on a customer-satisfying note.

We surpass run-of-the-mill tools and home improvement appliances with the most famous brands like Bosch, Irwin, Channellock, Dewalt, and Johnson Levels, just to name a few. It is our relentless muse for high-quality tools that we aim to empower our Saudi market in terms of industrial and manufacturing, redefine quality tools, and establish a blend of affordability and durability with our seamless inventory. 


To be a leading retailer of industrial, personal, and home tools. Capable of employing the latest technology and optimizing the use of financial and human resources to reach the goals set to serve customers appropriately.


The brand actively looks forward to being the most reliable provider of high-quality equipment and tools and a strong performance by providing the greatest possible variety of products at a competitive price.


At Advanced Solutions Tools, we attach special importance to values that boil down to the following key values:

  • Distinguished customer service.
  • Respect for all.
  • Take care of the staff.
  • Building sustainable and strong relationships.
  • Constant creativity.

With our focus on quality with great customer service and express shipping, we delightfully encourage you to grant us the opportunity to charm you with the finest possible products. 

Buckle up! We are changing the world.

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